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    The The Garibaldi Lake Hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park is a breathtaking glacier-fed lake that sits 1,450m above sea level. The turquoise coloured lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, glaciers, alpine meadows and volcanic outcrops, making it one of the most scenic places in British Columbia. We provide a day trip on select days from downtown Vancouver to the Garibaldi Provincial Park during the summer season in one of our luxurious buses.

     [Note: this is not a guided hike. Only transportation is provided]

    If you are planning on camping in Garibaldi Provincial Park, you can buy one-way transportation tickets between Vancouver and Garibaldi Provincial Park by following the link below. Please note that all campers should make a reservation on the Discover Camping Reservation Site

    One-way transport

    $55 (adult) - $50 (student)  

    This price includes return transportation from downtown Vancouver in one of our luxury buses.

    Day Trip - Leaving Vancouver at 07:30am and returning around 18:30pm

    Please be ready 10 minutes before departure. Allow 7 to 8 hours for the round-trip hike. 

    Operated from June to September

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    Pick-up / Drop-off: Downtown Vancouver at the Tour Bus Stop on West Cordova Street 

    From 14 June 2019, our new pick-up and drop-off location will be at the Tour Bus Stop located at 884 West Cordova Street V6C 3N8. Please see the map below. Our pick-up and drop-off location is conveniently located near all major transportation hubs including Waterfront Station. It is a very short walk away from the Welcome Kiosk at Canada Place and across the road from the Lions Pub.


    Pick-up, Drop-off Location | Livv Adventures | 884 West Cordova Street, Vancouver


    Our fleet of vehicles consists of brand new and air conditioned Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans and Shuttle Buses.

    Cancellation Policy

    In the event that we have to cancel the trip due to bad weather or any other reason that we don't have control over, we will refund you in full and waive any cancellation fees. You can claim a refund* if you decide to cancel 4 days or more before your scheduled trip.  You have one free chance to change the date of your trip if you notify us at least 3 days before your scheduled trip. Click here for more information on our Cancellation Policy.

    About the Garibaldi Lake Hike 

    The Garibaldi Lake Hike should be on everybody's to do list. Situated in the Garibaldi Provincial Park, the hike to Garibaldi Lake is one of British Columbia's most beautiful. This day hike will take you to a stunning, glacier-fed lake that sits 1,450m above sea level, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, glacial laden peaks, alpine meadows and volcanic structures. LIVV Adventures offer a very affordable and convenient return transportation service on weekends and on select week days during summer, making this hike accessible to all Vancouverites! Board one of our luxury air-conditioned buses in Vancouver and join a group of like-minded people who are yearning to experience one of the many hidden gems that British Columbia has to offer.

    From the Rubble Creek parking lot, it is a 9 km hike to reach Garibaldi Lake. The first 6km takes you on a switchback mountain trail through forest and plentiful of Western and Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees. Around the 30 minute mark from the start, there is a creek crossing where you can fill your water bottles. Water along the way is not plentiful, so make sure that you carry enough water with you. The next hour and a half is a rather relentless uphill climb on the switchback trail.

    After counting down five gruelling kilometres, you will reach a lookout point over The Barrier. The Barrier is a lava dam that contains the Garibaldi Lake system. A sheer cliff is the result of a massive landslide that happened in 1885. Just beyond the 6km marker, you will find a junction that allows you to either go to the Taylor Meadows campground or Garibaldi Lake. This is a good point to take a break. Keep right at the 6km junction and follow the trail towards Garibaldi Lake. At this point, most of the elevation gain will be behind you. During you final 3km towards Garibaldi Lake, you will pass Barrier Lake and Lesser Garibaldi Lake. These lakes are providing a taste of what is to come.

    A few small creeks, feeding into Lesser Garibaldi Lake, crisscross the trail along the way to Garibaldi Lake. After you have passed Lesser Garibaldi Lake, you'll cross a wooden bridge over Taylor Creek. After 20 minutes, you will come to another junction that leads to either Taylor Meadows or Garibaldi Lake. Stay on the trail for Garibaldi Lake. You will start descending towards Garibaldi Lake. A spectacular view of the pristine turquoise Garibaldi Lake and Sphinx glacier awaits you.

    Start making your way down towards the parking lot so the you will be in time for our departure at 17:00pm. You will arrive back in Vancouver around 18:30pm filled with unforgettable memories!

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  • The 2019 schedule for summer is now available!

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    07:20am: Pick-up from Canada Place in downtown Vancouver

    Your Experience will start when your friendly bus driver meet you in front of the Welcome Kiosk just outside of Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. Look out for our luxurious bus with our logo on. Our fleet of buses are brand new and are fully air conditioned. 

    09:00am: Arrive at Rubble Creek (Garibaldi Provincial Park) Parking Lot

    Leave the hustle and bustle of Vancouver behind and enjoy the spectacular views along the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Arrive at the trail head to Garibaldi Lake around 90 minutes after departing Vancouver. Note: We will drop you right in front of the trail head to Garibaldi Lake. This is as close as you can get to the trail head by road. The trail head is located 2.5km from the Sea-to-Sky highway.

    09:00am - 17:00pm: Garibaldi Lake Hike

    We only provide return transportation between Vancouver and the Garibaldi Provincial Park. This is not a guided hike. You will have about 8 hours to hike to Garibaldi Lake, enjoy time up there and hike back. It takes between 2 to 3 hours to hike each way between the parking lot and the lake, so you will have between 2 to 4 hours to spend at Garibaldi Lake and to enjoy the spectacular views! Ensure that you start your descent in time to reach the parking lot by 17:00pm at the latest. We are unable to wait for you if you arrive at the parking lot late. In the event that you miss your bus returning to Vancouver, you can phone Howe Sound Taxi Service at 604-898-8888. This taxi service will be at your own expense, so please ensure that you arrive on time!

    17:00pm: Return Journey to Vancouver

    The return journey to Vancouver takes about 90 minutes.  

    18:30pm: Arrive back in Vancouver

    We will drop you in front of Canada Place. 
  • The 2019 schedule for summer is now available!

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    The Garibaldi Provincial Park is located 70 km from Vancouver; between Squamish and Whistler. Offering over 90 km of established hiking trails, Garibaldi Provincial Park is a favourite year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The parking lot is located about 2km off highway 99, sea to sky highway about 37 km passed Squamish.

    Garibaldi Lake hike map - Livv Adventures



    The hike to Garibaldi Lake is one of our most popular hike, but it is also one of the most challenging. This is not a guided hike and once you have been dropped at the parking lot, you are responsible for your own safety. It is your responsibility to ensure that you bring the appropriate hiking gear, food and water on the trip. There are no options to buy food in the park. Alternatively, you can buy one of LIVV Adventures' snack packs. There is also no cellphone reception in the park apart from at the trailhead. You will be in the backcountry of British Columbia and it is possible that you could encounter wildlife, adverse weather conditions etc. Safety is very important to LIVV Adventures and therefore we will track weather forecasts where possible and even cancel trips if we feel that the weather conditions are not safe. In this event, we will provide a refund to our guests.

    The hike to Garibaldi Lake requires a decent level of fitness. the trail has an elevation gain of 820m with steep inclines. It can take up to 10 hours to complete the round-trip, so it is important to watch the time to ensure that you will make it back to the parking lot in time!

    If you are unsure whether you are physically fit enough for Garibaldi, consider going on the Joffre Lakes Hike as this hike is not as demanding as the Garibaldi Lake Hike.


  • The 2019 schedule for summer is now available!

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    Garibaldi Lake Hike | Livv Adventures | Garibaldi Lake
    Garibaldi Lake | Garibaldi Hike
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