• The Ultimate Experience! Visit British Columbia's two crown jewels in one day... Fly over Garibaldi Provincial Park and Hike Joffre Lakes.

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      Garibaldi Provincial Park and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park are without a doubt two of the most scenic places one can visit in British Columbia. Garibaldi Lake, located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, is a breathtaking glacier-fed lake that sits 1,450m above sea level. The turquoise coloured lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, glaciers, alpine meadows and volcanic outcrops, making it one of the most scenic places in British Columbia.

      On the other hand, the Joffre Lakes Hike is one of British Columbia's most popular, beautiful and rewarding hikes. Three exquisite lakes with turquoise water, breathtaking views, and majestic glacier-laden peaks towering high above, make this a relatively moderate hike with incredible rewards.

      We have partnered with Sea To Sky Air to provide the ultimate day trip from Vancouver! Your experience will include a 50 minute flight over Garibaldi Provincial Park as well as return transportation to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park - located about 3 hours from Vancouver.

      $264 (adult) - $254 (student)  

      Prices include: (1) Return transportation from downtown Vancouver in one of our luxury buses (2) Flight over Garibaldi Provincial Park. **Note: A minimum of 2 booked seats are required to operate the flight.

      Day Trip - Leaving Vancouver at 07:30am and returning around 19:30pm

      Please be ready 10 minutes before departure.

      Operated from April to October

      See "Calendar Tab" for information on availability.

      Pick-up / Drop-off. At the Welcome Kiosk at Canada Place

      Canada Place is located downtown Vancouver near all the major transportation hubs. The Welcome Kiosk at Canada Place is pictured below.

      Welcome Kiosk


      About flying over Garibaldi Provincial Park and hiking Joffre Lakes  

      Garibaldi Provincial Park ("Garibaldi") and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park ("Joffre Lakes") and arguably the two most visited and breathtakingly beautiful provincial parks in the vicinity of Vancouver. Garibaldi is located about 90 minutes from Vancouver by car, while it takes about 3 hours to reach Joffre Lakes. LIVV Adventures, in partnership with Sea to Sky Air, offers the only day trip from Vancouver that lets you fly over Garibaldi and complete the very popular Joffre Lakes Hike in one day! 

      Garibaldi has a lot to offer. Formed during the last ice age when active volcanoes erupted into vast ice fields that once dominated the landscape, Garibaldi is an enormous mountain wilderness park stretching from Pemberton to Squamish in British Columbia. Characterised by dense coastal rainforest, snowcapped mountains, glaciers, and the crown jewel, Garibaldi Lake. The most common way to access the park is by foot from one of five entrance points. Even though hiking to Garibaldi Lake is a must-do experience that will provide you with lifelong memories and a sense of achievement, seeing Garibaldi from the air will simply take your breath away! This flight will allow you to explore the abundant natural beauty of the area on board the Whistler Backcountry Safari, operated by Sea to Sky Air.

      Some of the spectacular sights that you will see on this flight include: the Black Tusk, the Barrier, the Spinx and Sentinel glaciers and much more.The second part of this trip will take you on a hike to the magical Joffre Lakes. Joffre Lakes should be on everybody's to-do-list. It is one of British Columbia's most beautiful hikes that is relatively moderate compared to other alpine hikes in the region. The trail passes three exquisite lakes with turquoise blue water.The first lake, Lower Joffre Lake, is located minutes from the parking lot. The views are stunning and on a clear day, Matier Glacier can be seen hanging high above. From Lower Joffre Lake, begin your hike to Middle and Upper Joffre Lakes. You will first cross a bridge, whereafter you will follow the trail along the edge of the lake. Soon after, the trail starts climbing through forested areas. After about 20 minutes on the trail, a clearing allows for sweeping views over the valley. 

      After crossing the Joffre Creek, a couple of switchbacks will take you towards Middle Joffre Lake. At the viewpoint of the second lake, you will notice the majestic glacier-laden peaks towering above you. Continue hiking towards Upper Joffre Lake and pass a scenic waterfall. After a walk along the lake, you will reach a viewpoint overlooking all three lakes, with the glacier in the background. Take pictures, soak up the scenery and have lunch in one of British Columbia's most scenic spots. Hear the rumble of ice breaking off the glacier and tumbling down the rocky slopes towards the lake.

      Start making your way down towards the parking lot so the you will be in time for our departure at 16:30pm. You will arrive back in Vancouver around 19:30pm filled with unforgettable memories! {Please note that the hike is not a guided hike and you are responsible for your own gear and safety.}


    • This event is offered on select days from April to October. Please contact us and include when you would like to go on this event.

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      07:30am: Pick-up from Canada Place in downtown Vancouver

      Your Experience will start when your bus driver meets you in front of the Welcome Kiosk just outside of Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. Look out for our luxurious bus with our logo on. Our fleet of buses are brand new, have leather seats and are fully air conditioned. 

      09:00 - 09:50am: Flight over Garibaldi Provincial Park (i.e. "Whistler Backcountry Air Safari")

      The flight over Garibaldi Provincial Park is operated by our partner, Sea to Sky Air. On the Whistler Air Safari, you will fly deep into Garibaldi Provincial Park, to the boundary layer between ancient glacial flows and volcanism. Featuring exquisite alpine vistas, the most familiar peaks, local volcanoes, and the crown jewel, Garibaldi Lake, this sightseeing flight is one of the most popular flights in the Whistler area. The flight is operated from Squamish Airport.

      11:00am - 16:30pm: Joffre Lakes Hike

      You will have just over 5 hours to hike to Upper Joffre Lake and back. You will have more than enough time to rest and take in the spectacular scenery along the way. Ensure that you start your descent in time to reach the parking lot by 16:20pm. 

      16:30 - 19:30pm: Return Journey to Vancouver

      The return journey to Vancouver takes about 3 hours.  

      19:30pm: Arrive back in Vancouver

      We will drop you in front of Canada Place. 
    • This event is offered on select days from April to October. Please contact us and include when you would like to go on this event.

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    • This event is offered on select days from April to October. Please contact us and include when you would like to go on this event.

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      Fly over Garibaldi Lake

      The 360 degree views from the plane, will let you soak in the views and provide opportunities for taking great photos!

      The clear, turquoise coloured water of Joffre Lakes will take your breath away!

      The waterfall on the Joffre Lakes Hike transforms into a magical wonderland during the winter.

      Upper Joffre Lake is the end goal of the hike. You will find yourself surrounded by towering mountains and glacier-laden peaks!

      The diversity of Garibaldi Provincial Park, as seen from the air, will provide you with unforgettable memories!

    • This event is offered on select days from April to October. Please contact us and include when you would like to go on this event.

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