• The 2018 summer season is now over. The next summer trips to Joffre Lakes will start again in May 2019. 

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    The Joffre Lakes Hike is one of British Columbia's most beautiful hikes. We provide return transportation in one of our luxurious buses from downtown Vancouver to the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park from April to October from only $62pp! This is a very affordable and fun way to explore one of the most picturesque hidden gems of British Columbia.

     [Note: this is not a guided hike. Only transportation is provided]

    $68 (adult) - $62 (student)  

    This price includes return transportation from downtown Vancouver in one of our luxury air-conditioned buses.

    Day Trip - Leaving Vancouver at 07:30am and returning around 18:30pm

    Please be ready 10 minutes before departure.

    Operated from April to October

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    Pick-up / Drop-off. At the Welcome Kiosk at Canada Place

    Our fleet of vehicles consists of brand new and air conditioned Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans.

    Canada Place is located downtown Vancouver near all the major transportation hubs. The Welcome Kiosk at Canada Place is pictured below.

    Welcome Kiosk


    About the Joffre Lakes Hike 

    The Joffre Lakes Hike should be on everybody's to do list. Joffre Lakes is one of British Columbia's most beautiful hikes and is a relatively moderate hike compared to other alpine lakes in the region. The hike passes three exquisite lakes with turquoise blue water. LIVV Adventures offer a very affordable and convenient return transportation service on select weekends, making this hike accessible for all Vancouverites! Board one of our luxury air-conditioned buses in Vancouver and join a group of like-minded people who are yearning to experience one of the many hidden gems that British Columbia has to offer.

    The first lake, Lower Joffre Lake, is located minutes from the parking lot. The views are stunning and on a clear day, Matier Glacier can be seen hanging high above. From Lower Joffre Lake, begin your hike to Middle and Upper Joffre Lakes. You will first cross a bridge, whereafter you will follow the trail along the edge of the lake. Soon after, the trail starts climbing through forested areas. After about 20mins on the trail, a clearing allows for sweeping views over the valley. 

    After crossing the Joffre Creek, a couple of switchbacks will take you towards Middle Joffre Lake. At the viewpoint of the second lake, you will notice the majestic glacier-laden peaks towering above you. Continue hiking towards Upper Joffre Lake and pass a scenic waterfall. After a walk along the lake, you will reach a viewpoint overlooking all three lakes, with the glacier in the background. Take pictures, soak up the scenery and have lunch in one of British Columbia's most scenic spots. Hear the rumble of ice breaking off the glacier and tumbling down the rocky slopes towards the lake.

    Start making your way down towards the parking lot so the you will be in time for our departure at 15:30pm. You will arrive back in Vancouver around 18:30pm filled with unforgettable memories!

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  • The 2018 schedule for spring, summer and autumn (April to October) is now available!

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    07:20am: Pick-up from Canada Place in downtown Vancouver

    Your Experience will start when your friendly bus driver meet you in front of the Welcome Kiosk just outside of Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. Look out for our luxurious bus with our logo on. Our fleet of buses are brand new and are fully air conditioned. 

    10:15am: Arrive at Joffre Lakes Parking Lot

    Leave the hustle and bustle of Vancouver behind and enjoy the spectacular views along the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Arrive at Joffre Lakes around 3 hours after departing Vancouver.  

    10:15am - 15:30pm: Joffre Lakes Hike

    We only provide return transportation between Vancouver and Joffre Lakes and this is not a guided hike. You will have 5 hours to hike to Upper Joffre Lake and back. Ensure that you start your descent in time to reach the parking lot by 15:30pm. It takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to reach Upper Joffre Lake, so you will have more than enough time to have lunch, enjoy the spectacular views, and to return to the parking lot.

    15:30pm: Return Journey to Vancouver

    The return journey to Vancouver takes about 3 hours.  

    18:30pm: Arrive back in Vancouver

    We will drop you in front of Canada Place. 
  • The 2018 schedule for spring, summer and autumn (April to October) is now available!

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    The Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is located 190km from Vancouver; between Whistler and Pemberton. The parking lot of Joffre Lakes is located just off highway 99, east of Pemberton on the Duffey Lake Road.

  • The 2018 schedule for spring, summer and autumn (April to October) is now available!

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    Joffre Lakes Hike - LIVV Adventures

    Joffre lakes hike - LIVV Adventures

    Joffre Provincial Park - LIVV Adventures

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  • The 2018 schedule for spring, summer and autumn (April to October) is now available!

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